I #SupportOMNITV for rich and compelling multicultural content for all Canadians @OMNITelevision @CdnHeritage

I #SupportOMNITV for rich and compelling multicultural content for all Canadians. Click here to show your support: https://supportomnitv.ca/ @OMNITelevision @CdnHeritage

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“We appreciate the Commission’s confidence in OMNI Television’s expertise in delivering the quality programming Canadian viewers deserve. We are thankful for our OMNI Television family – past and present – who have built the foundation of this great multilingual and multicultural service for the last three decades. We are proud of the role OMNI Television plays in connecting Canadians to their communities, their culture, and heritage. OMNI Television makes new Canadians feel a little more at home. And we are grateful to Canadians across the country – almost 5,000 of you! – who have already voiced your support for the service. Please join us again as we rally to defend the future of OMNI Television!”

— Colette Watson, Senior Vice President, Broadcast and TV Operations, Rogers Media


OMNI Television is Canada’s only provider of news and information programming in a wide variety of third-languages and supports the creation of high-quality multilingual dramatic content. OMNI reflects the unique values of Canada’s regional diversity through four regional feeds (including ICI Television in Quebec), and Canadians can receive local third-language news and information programming through OMNI’s five local over-the-air stations.

OMNI was the only applicant to commit to operating on a break-even basis and to reinvesting all profits back into its news and information programming. This ensures all revenue is invested in operating the station and no profits are made at the expense of ethnic and third-language subscribers.

OMNI is proudly defending its winning application and the future of the service through the appropriate regulatory channels. OMNI’s official response to the Cabinet petitions addresses and disproves competitor claims, while highlighting the key points of our application which ultimately won the Commission’s approval.

The CRTC determined that OMNI Regional’s plan for the service stood out among all applicants because of its commitments and leadership in these key areas;

Strong Community Involvement:

  • OMNI leans on the local insights and expertise of its four  regional Advisory Councils, comprised of community leaders and business professionals from the local and third-language communities it serves.
  • Council members ensure OMNI keeps pace with issues that mean the most to its viewers.
  • OMNI provides more than 70 locally-based independent producers with a platform for their respective communities to have a voice and be celebrated on Canadian television.

Trusted Third-Language News:

  • OMNI broadcasts at least six hours of local news each broadcast week, sourced from Vancouver, Calgary/Edmonton and Toronto. Plus, it delivers four national newscasts in Punjabi, Mandarin, Cantonese and Italian and has committed to launch three new national newscasts as part of its new licence.
  • OMNI employs approximately 100 journalists across Canada with plans to add more with this new licence in 2020. It also fosters future talent with a commitment to $60,000 in scholarship funding to support the next generation of ethnic and third-language journalists.
  • Future plans for ONMI Regional also includes an expanded commitment to news programming.

Rich Contributor to Canadian Programming:

  • OMNI has a proven track record of producing compelling, high-quality Canadian programming with appeal for international audiences, such as:
    • Blood and Water”, a first-of-its-kind prime-time drama that blends Mandarin, Cantonese and English dialogue (with English subtitles). The series was nominated for a 2019 Canadian Screen Award and is being sold internationally, bringing Canadian stories to the international stage.
    • Second Jen”, a comedy about young second-generation immigrants who move out of home for the first time, scripted and produced primarily by women.
    • Mangoes: A Slice of Life”, a multi-lingual dramedy in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and English that follows three immigrants to Canada from India and Pakistan.


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Our Supporters

Alice Lam

Commercial Property Manager, Certus Developments Inc.

Mushegh Asatryan

Assistant Professor, Arabic and Muslim Cultures, University of Calgary

Erick Ambtman 

Executive Director, Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Beryl Bacchus

Marketing Director, West Edmonton Mall & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Rhonda Rosenberg

Executive Director, Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Ron Cantiveros

Publisher, Filipino Journal & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Queenie Choo

CEO, S.U.C.C.E.S.S. & OMNI Advisory Council Member & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Neelam Sahota

CEO, DIVERSEcity & OMNI Advisory Council Member & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Alden Habacon

Director of Intercultural Understanding Strategy Development, University of British Columbia & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Anita Huberman

Chief Executive Officer, Surrey Board of Trade & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Sonny Wong

Creative Director, Hamazaki Wong Marketing Group & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Sung Van

Principal and Creative Director, Latitude Vancouver & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Cindy Fan

Senior Broker, Homelife Gold Pacific Realty Inc. & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Marcus Kolga

President, Liefa Communications, Realworld Pictures & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Wilbert Lai

President, Wilbert Lai CPA Professional Corporation, Advisor, Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs & OMNI Advisory Council Member

B.K. Sethi

Entrepreneur/Marketing Ethnic Foods & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Dr. Gina Valle 

Founder, Diversity Matters & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Dr. Lloydetta Quiaco

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sharing Our Cultures Inc. & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Alex LeBlanc

Managing Director, New Brunswick Multicultural Council Inc. (NBMC) & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Hector Giraldo

Directeur Général, Chambre de Commerce de l’Amérique Latine & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Hasan Al-Shawa

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Delma Group & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Melpa Kamateros

Executive Director, Shield of Athena Family Services (SOAFS) & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Pastor Joseph Junior Clormeus

Vice President, Federation of Haitian Regional Associations of the Diaspora (FARHED) & OMNI Advisory Council Member

Tania Alfonsi

Legal Advisor, (Director) Legislation, Institutional Compliance, Canadian Division, Manulife & OMNI Advisory Council Member


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